Our commitment lies in fostering a family journey of spiritual growth, whether your little ones join us for Godly Play or remain with you during worship.

Nursery (Infant – 3 Years Old)

In our nursery, we provide a fun and engaging environment for our youngest friends. They’ll have the opportunity to play with age-appropriate toys, hear captivating stories from the Bible, and even join in singing together. Our trained nursery staff ensures that these experiences are not only enjoyable but also educational, nurturing their spiritual growth from an early age. We believe that by incorporating play, storytelling, and music, we can create a meaningful and enjoyable worship experience for children, allowing them to connect with the teachings of the Bible in a way that resonates with them.

Whether your children choose to stay with you in worship or join our nursery, we strive to provide a rich and inclusive spiritual journey for the entire family.

Godly Play (ages 3yrs-6th grade)

On Sunday mornings our children (ages 3 y/o – 6th grade) begin worship with us. After we sing a couple of songs together, they’re invited to continue their worship in the Godly Play Sanctuary, a space designed and curated just for them. They go with our trained Godly Play teachers.

Godly Play engages our children in our sacred stories and offers them a time of reflection and response. They end their Godly Play time together by sharing in a feast (usually a few crackers and juice) while sharing what they’re thankful for.

*Our Godly Play Sanctuary is located just outside of the Rise worship space. If it’s your first week here, our Welcome Team at the front will greet you and invite you to meet some of our Godly Play teachers and see the space so you’ll know where your children are and where to pick them up at the end of service.