We have found that spirituality is more of a journey than a destination. We go, because God goes with us.


We feel called to include across all borders and divisions. We have experienced the welcome of grace and believe that it is for everyone.


We see God’s love all around us and are exploring what it means to become relentless practitioners of love.


Come as you are.  There is no dress code.  Our gathering takes place in a space that is comfortable and relaxed.  You can grab a coffee or pastry while the children connect with one another in the Prayground, a sacred space just for them.  We will pray together, sing together, read Scripture together, reflect together.

Small Groups.

We think spiritual growth happens best when you are journeying along with others in authentic and thoughtful relationship.  Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, and at the church.


We believe God is in the process of healing the world and that we are invited to participate in this work.  We do this through our service together.


We are part of a larger community that is the First United Methodist Church of Escondido.  We have a traditional service as well as a Spanish language service plus a new and inclusive worship gathering in North County, SD.

Current Sermon Series

“The sense of being lost, displaced, and homeless is pervasive in contemporary culture.” We no longer live in a world that keeps us in one place. We are constantly being pushed and pulled and often feel unsettled. We’re not sure where home is, though we’re desperately looking for it.

Our new sermon series, Home, will explore what it means to find home and make a place in our world of dislocation. We’re always creating spiritual home through our life together. The question is, what type of house will we build?