Jhordan Arguelles was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.  He came to the States with his family as a junior high kid in 2005 and has lived in San Diego ever since.  As a child of both Mexico and California, Jhordan is bilingual and bicultural and loves to connect cross culturally in his work.

Jhordan has had a gift and passion for music ever since he picked up his first guitar as a child.  Music and the arts keep him centered and connected with God.  He lives by this quote, “We are all on this earth with a purpose greater than what we can imagine, and all we have to do is be sensitive to the call from above.”

As the Creative Arts Lead at Rise, Jhordan is exploring what it means to create space in worship for connecting with that “call from above” through music and the arts.  Jhordan is passionate about working with people and helping them connect with a God of love and compassion.

Jhordan is married to Estefani Arguelles who is his partner in life and ministry.